New Caps Coach Barry Trotz Doesn't Have A Car

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, July 11, 2014

Caps new coach Barry Trotz was on the Junkies this morning talking hockey and said something quite odd. After the Junks asked him a question about driving (I think), the coach let the radio hosts know that he didn't have a car. Trotz said something along the lines of, "why do you need a car when you can walk".

In case you were wondering, the brisk walk from Kettler to Verizon is just a 6 mile, 2 hour trek.

Alex Ovechkin Plays Dead

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 5, 2013

Here is Ovi getting knocked on his back and acting like he is taking a relaxing nap.

Backstrom Goal Overturned For Some Reason

DC Sports Nexus ----

Yay, it is something in hockey I don't understand.  Nick Backstrom scored a goal by smashing his hockey stick into the goalie mask of the goalie, and the puck bounces off the goalie and into the net.  After a quick discussion, the refs overturn the goal.

It appeared they thought there was a high stick penalty, and while they didn't add the penalty, the refs decided the goal wasn't allowed.  Or there was a high stick.  Someone please explain in comments!

Minutes later the Caps couldn't score on a powerplay and then the Stars scored posing this sarcastic pondering from Locker.

"I thought it was tied, wasn't it?"

Three Fun Ovi Gifs Cuz

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 4, 2013

Mikhail Grabovski's Hat-Tastic GIF

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The newest Washington Capital Mikhail Grabovski started his Caps career off with a bang.  Three goals, which I believe is called a Hat Trick. Here are all three in the hatty!

Alex Ovechkin's First Goal Of The Season

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here is the first of possibly 60+ goals (according to Craig Laughlin during the pregame).  A lucky bounce off a stick right to Ovi who went high up into the crossbar for his first goal of the season, on the Power Play.  GIF!

Joe B & Locker, Finga Gunzz

DC Sports Nexus ----

It didn't take long for Washington Capitals announcers Joe Beninati and Craigh Laughlin to give us our first regular season Caps GIF of 2013.  Much like Gilbert Arenas, Joe B & Locker decided to go with a DC Classic, the Finga Gunzz!

Mike Wilbon Picks Capitals vs Blackhawks as his Finals Matchup For 2nd Straight Year.

DC Sports Nexus ----

Last year before the season started, Washington Post columnist and NBA player name dropper Mike Wilbon picked his preseason Stanley Cup Matchup; Washington Capitals vs Chicago Blackhawks.  Well he was half wrong.

The Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup while the Capitals sort of creeped into the playoffs (although winning the division) before being eliminated in the first round.

And just hours before the season opener, Wilbon has once again picked his Stanley Cup Matchup; Washington Capitals vs Chicago Blackhawks...again.

"They [Blackhawks] begin against the Washington Capitals, in what I am calling a preview of the NHL Finals" -MW

Kornheiser, when asked which would be better, the Hawks repeating or Ovechkin finally winning a championship, said both would be good.  He added that Ovi winning would be good for I-95 (what?) before crushing him with facts seconds later.

"It's also a good thing, for I-95, if Alex Ovechkin not only finally wins a championship...he's never even gotten to the conference finals, he has been a 3x MVP, a total dud in the playoffs, most recently" -TK

Then Wilbon kind of yammered about the Caps needing to start fast, and yada yada yada before exclaiming how much he loves the Blackhawks.  He didn't even mention Michael Jordan...

A Redskins Fan Guide To The Caps & The NHL 2013

DC Sports Nexus ----

Here are some things that Redskins fans should read that may convince them to give hockey a shot tonight.


Rocking The Red

If you go to FedEx Field, you will often note that there are 5 billion people wearing the other team's jersey.  There are a lot of Skins jerseys, but the stadium isn't packed to capacity with maroon & black (JZ).  And my god is it annoying when there are 40,000 terrible towels waiving in Maryland, it makes you want to jump off of Gheorge Muresan's head and fall a thousand feet (or 7 and a half feet) to your death.

At a Caps game we call it "Rocking the Red".  95% of those in attendance wear red.  The other 5% are Penguins/Rangers/Flyers fans who think it is funny to wear the jersey of a team that isn't even playing, people who didn't read the invitation (which clearly said to rock the red), and the classic Guys In Pink Shirts At Wizards Games (or Caps Games).

Less Racism

The Washington Football team is called the Redskins.  The Washington Hockey team is called the Capitals.  One is more racist than the other.  Clearly the Caps.  But I did hear that Capitals call each other Capitals, so maybe it isn't racist.

Somebody Left The Gate Open

I have now seen the Bud Light Rodney flips over cheese puffs while screaming at the TV commercial 400 times this Redskins season.  It is pretty much the worst 30 seconds of my life x 400 times.

But for the Caps games we have something better.  The Beatles meet Michael Jackson meet Picaso.  It is called Somebody Left The Gate Open. While Skins fans see Rodney 400 times, Caps fans see the gate commercial 4,000,000 times (I counted).  This is pretty much the greatest song ever created in the history of the universe.  And to hear it 2 times during every commercial break for 82 games is just heaven.  I guarantee by game 3 you will be singing it in the shower, and one day you may walk down the aisle to it. (shhhh don't tell them).

Joe B & Locker

Because hockey is like normal sports, and not like the NFL, we have our own personal Capitals announce team.  While Redskins fans get to hear Dick Stockton pronounce Roy Helu 20 different ways while Rhonde Barber tries to compose a sentence, Joe B & Locker make for an entertaining, homerific hockey game.  And oh the banter...that precious banter...


If Brian Orakpo looks at Tom Brady's Ugz, there is a 15 yard penalty and possible suspension.  If John Erskine breaks Joe Thornton's face, there might be a 2 minute penalty...maybe.


After the Caps Alex Ovechkin won rookie of the year, the team made the playoffs...EVERY YEAR after that.  After the Redskins RG3 won rookie of the year, he made a documentary about how great he was and then came back and started 0-3.  (Although the Caps are from DC, so its not like they ever advance far)

Hybrid Icing

It just sounds cool.  You know you want to watch it.

D'Angelo Hall Is Not On The Roster

Ok, sure he has more TDs this season than RG3 (not really), but the Onion put it best: "Has an amazing knack for gaining separation from a receiver".


If you want even more fun, here is 2011's guide