Becoming A Caps Blogger Part 1

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 7, 2011

Apparently, the first step to becoming a Caps Blogger or fan is to get to know Ted Leonsis. I guess technically I should do this as a Wizards fan too, so 2 birds one stone.

Ted Leonsis has a blog. It is called Ted's Take, and he appears to post a lot of links to stories that are relevant to the local sports area. As the ancient stories go, Ted used to respond to lots of fan emails and he listened to fan suggestions to improve the Verizon Center. If you are using a urinal and your beer is not in either of your hands, it is probably because of Ted. I don't need 2 hands but it is nice to be able to have a free hand to work with in case things get dicey in there.

According to the Internet, Ted has lots of other things he does besides own the Caps and talk to "the people". He often wears a suit, so you know he is quite important. Feel free to Ask Jeeves about him, and I'm sure lots of great articles come up. But this is a hockey blog so all I am concerned about is that he is the boss, and he can fire people.

So now that I know who the owner of the team is and found out a little bit about him, I feel like I'm a little closer to being a Caps fan.

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