Hockey From A to Z

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, October 24, 2011

Because I'm a newbie, I don't know anything about hockey or the following terms. Hopefully this compilation helps out others that are learning hockey like me.

"#" 2-Man Advantage: Another name for a NJ Devil's Threeway.

"A" A: Something that 2 players have sewn on their jerseys because they are Awesome.

"B" Butterfly: Something that a goalie shouldn't do because it's old, let me see that Tootsie Roll.

"C" Crosscheck: When a ref calls a penalty, the coach's opportunity to ask questions to overturn the penalty

"D" Dump & Chase: When a player doesn't trust his 1 on 1 moves and doesn't feel like playing offense he will pass the puck to nobody, and not score.

"E" Empty Net: What other team's goalies look like when playing the Caps

"F" Forechecking: That thing girls like that you are supposed to do before actual checking.

"G" Garbage Goal: If a fan throws garbage on the ice, you have 1 minute to get it past a goaltender for a 1/2 point.

"H" Hip Check: A check with a little style, maybe one done while wearing shades and a Kango hat.

"I" Icing: Something one turns off while playing NHL 94'

"J" Jagr: A player that takes your money and then goes to sleep

"K" Kicking: Something not allowed in NHL fights (but is ok in Euro-basketball)

"L" Lighting The Lamp: This is when you smoke illegal drugs. Every time your team scores you "Light the Lamp" Note: Don't do drugs.

"M" Minor: Penalty for talking to a girl who has not yet turned 18. Also known as the Karl Malone rule.

"N" Neutral Zone: A Wondrous land where Plus/Minus doesn't exist.

"O" Ovi-Smash: A check where the other player flies 5 feet in the air and hits the ground.

"P" Pity Points: When the OT winning team gives the losing team a point in the standings.

"Q" Quick Whistle: When the ref blows a whistle before a goalie even tries to cover up the puck because he was paid money.

"R" Rebound: When you stop liking a goalie after a bad game, and immediately begin to like the backup.

"S" Sasha Hat Trick: When you don't care, care, and are indifferent all in the same hockey game. (Or a Goal, an Assist, and an offensive zone penalty)

"T" Three Stars: Kari Lehtonen, Steve Ott, Brenden Morrow OR Polaris, Betelgeuse, and Pollux.

"U" USA: A place that doesn't produce that many hockey players, yet has all the teams.

"V" Video Replay: When the referee picks up the red bat phone and calls the NHL's secret headquarters located miles below the city of Toronto to decide whether or not to overturn a call.

"W" Waffle-Boarding: When you throw waffles on the other team until they tell you what you want to hear.

"X" X-Ray: Something hockey players don't get. Instead they get Lower or Upper Body injuries, or just keep playing.

"Y" Yoo-Hoo!: Something you shouldn't say to an NHL player if you see him out at a bar.

"Z" Zamboni: That thing that you want to get drunk and drive. Note: Don't drink & drive.

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