No He Can't Read My Polka Face

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, October 20, 2011

If the born in Philly post didn't scare you away, this one will.

I was directed this morning to THIS PHOTO and I all of a sudden climbed out of my deep depression. The photo made me very happy. If you are like most people and don't click links, I will explain to you what the photo is. (cuz I don't wanna just steal it) It is a picture of Weird Al Yankovik wearing a Caps jersey! It says AL where an A would go. (Still don't know what A stands for...Assistant Captain?)

Weird Al is a musical genius. He does nothing but pump out the hit parodies. Eat It. I'm Fat. Amish Paradise. It's all about the Pentiums! Plus UHF is a classic film that should have won several Oscars...

Weird Al was also mentioned in the following tweet from @CapsGameEnt the "official twitter of the Washington Capitals Game Entertainment and the EMMY winning Caps Red Line"

If you purchased several Weird Al CD's you would know that he usually puts out a Polka track on each album. (Example) He normally takes a bunch of hit songs and does 10 seconds from each one Polka style. This tweet can only mean one thing...A Caps Polka by Weird Al! #RockThePolka

Well this story was a big coincidence because last night in Trivia there was a music question about a James Blunt song called You're Beautiful. I immediately thought of Weird Al, and the parody reminded me of Flyers fans. When I saw the Weird Al pic this morning it was clearly a sign. So Flyers fans, this one is for you!

I think Ovi has a new nickname! Weird Al! LOL!

Just so you know I'm not really obsessed with Weird Al, but I was when I was a kid, so some remains...


Dustin said...

My brothers and I have a life-long argument on if the A stood for ALTERNATE captain or ASSISTANT captain. I believe the rulebook says Alternate, but Assistant is used all the time. When a captain is injured, a team will sometimes give the C to another player - usually one that was wearing an A. So, that helps the argument for Alternate. In some cases, like in Detroit, guys like former captain Steve Yzerman and current captain Nicklas Lidstrom can't be simply walked into Mordor... er, be replaced, so they slap a THIRD A on another player. So, it kinda means both.

Matt said...

Typically the captain and assistant/alternates are the only played on the ice allowed to talk to the refs in an official capacity. This is one major reason foamed being captains is rare, they can't just leave their crease to talk to the officials at the other end of the ice.

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