Penalties, 18 Year Olds, and a Goalie Beat The Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, October 27, 2011

We start with this Tweet from 7 days ago:

The undefeated Caps finally took their first loss of the season tonight against the Oilers. A penalty filled first 2 periods killed the Caps for 2/3 of the game and the Oiler's goalie Kaboobyman killed them in the 3rd period.

Ryan Ted Nugent-Hopkins-Johnson-Smith-Jones-Spielberg and the rest of the Oilers played hard and the refs, as ordered by Santa, decided all penalties would be called against the Caps. I'm pretty sure the entire first 2 periods were an Oiler's power-play.

That isn't really why they lost, as the Caps couldn't score on the powerplay at all. Wideman hit the post with their best chance to tie, but the puck never went in the net.

Notes from the game, and a couple questions:
  • They just showed some irrelevant plus minus numbers for rookies. Cut Ovi, he was -1!!!
  • What is the "old pitchfork" and the "corkscrew", hooking, but why is it called that?
  • The announcer attempted a Karate Kid quote, knew "wax" was involved, but couldn't remember it was "wax on, wax off"
  • Rexall Place? Is that like Melrose place or a hockey arena?
  • A Kids In The Hall reference, announcer once again doesn't get it
  • Why does the announcer keep saying icing is "washed out"? Is that his thing?
  • Does Blood really mean an extra 2 minutes? If so players need to do what wrestlers do where they cut themselves pre match so it bleeds as soon as they scratch themselves.
  • The Boo-lin wall? LAME!
  • Down 1 with a powerplay, do you still pull the goalie? This was answered...
74 more Caps games on the year, which is why the World Series took up some of my TV watching...


SteveDawgNZ said...

a) You're an American sports fan, you must be used to useless stats?
f) That's actually a term. Like if the other team gets rid of the puck its just icing on the cake. But if you could have got there then you'd better wash out that icing because you have to go all 200 ft back up the ice!
g) Yes. In fact, statistically most coaches should pull the goalie 1-2m earlier than they do. But they're too risk averse to letting in an empty netter. There's this feeling that if an empty net goal is scored the game's over. But if there are still 2 minutes left, PULL THE GOALIE AGAIN. And again. A loss is a loss regardless of goals against. Just ask Philly.

Pumpkinhead said...

placing the stick between the legs of the opponent (can opener/corkscrew) that causes a loss of balance or impedes the progress of the opponent - play used frequently by Brian McCabe

Pumpkinhead said...

Blood could also mean a 5 minute penalty (in extreme cases e.g. intent to injure). The difference with a 5 minute (major) penalty is that penalized player must stay in the penalty box for the entire duration of the penalty regardless of the number of goals scored.

Anonymous said...

Pull the goalie on the powerplay is a high risk move, since icing is waved off for the team on the penalty kill. This allows for the PK team to take rink length shots without the fear of a defensive face off from icing.

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