Stupid Penguins, Never Look For Wideman LOL

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, October 13, 2011

After a slow start, a dude getting Knocked the F out, and a 3rd straight OT game the Capitals beat the Penguins and are now 3-0. I've watched 3 regular season games, and 3 Overtimes. I'm going to assume that this will happen every game, which is cool.

Caps player No Clue First Name Beagle got in a fight with a guy on the Penguins and got CM Punk put to sleep. After he came to he was helped off the ice and appeared to PULL HIS TOOTH OUT OF HIS MOUTH? WTF! This is another tooth pulling situation:

This tweet pretty much covers the Beagle injury:

Other notes from the game:
  • What the hell is the trapezoid?
  • Why does the announcer say oVEE instead of OHvi?
  • I hate the "chip & chase"
  • Is Roman Hamrlik a real person or a superhero?
  • There was a penalty for "holding the stick" I feel like this call could be made on 12 players at any given time in the game.
  • Mike PWN'd Knubles
  • Can you imagine this fight happening in the NBA, player would be banned or arrested
  • Do all goal reviews go through phone calls to the secret NHL headquarters in Toronto, or is that just in the playoffs?


hockey yelling said...

jeez, hell of a fight, huh? hope he's okay. BUT ABOUT YOUR QUESTIONS:

1. the trapezoid is the area that you see behind the net in which the goalie is allowed to play the puck. if the puck is out of that area he isn't supposed to pass it, stickhandle it, etc the way that you'll see him do there. goalies used to be able to play the puck anywhere but some goalies got too good at it, basically 8/

2. maybe it's more fun that way? WHO KNOWS. i say it "OHvi"?

3. me too :|

4. he is a real person with an EXCELLENT VARIETY of great nicknames we can come up with to call him, because he has an awesome name. but if he were a superhero his name would probably be The Hammer.

5. yyyep. usually there are a lot of more minor offenses that don't get caught--in the case of something like that, the ref usually won't call it unless it's obvious.

6. Mike Knuble, Penguin Killer.

7. isn't hockey great?

8. most arenas have a video goal judge, but any goal in serious dispute typically goes to Toronto, even in the regular season!

galaxysong9 said...

Locker at least says oVEE because he's Canadian and pronounces everything wrong.

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