Tyler Hansbrough, Canuck This!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night the Caps lost their 2nd game of the season, and their second game in a row. Despite making a mid-game goalie switch the Caps still gave up 7 goals. Ovi Oh picked up 2 goals and the Caps scored enough to win most games, yet did not win.

This game watching experience was not exactly great for me. First, I was in North Carolina, and the game was not on TV. Second, it was a Halloween weekend in a college town so I was quite distracted by drinking sodas. I kind of watched the game "magically" but it was low quality and I left the house to go to "restaurants" after the 1st period.

At one of these restaurants I noticed there was a guy that looked exactly like Tyler Hansbrough, except this guy was a bit smaller. I joked to my friends as we walked past the guy talking to chicks in the girls bathroom line that he was a mini-Tyler Hansbrough. I was wrong, it was the real guy. I don't know what he was doing, but he definitely wasn't looking for lost puppies outside of the women's room.

This is another reason the NBA lockout needs to end. Why is an NBA player hanging out with 21 year olds at a bar that serves $2 liquor slushies at 2am in Chapel Hill. He should be hanging out with 18 year olds at a bar that serves $2 slushies at 4am in Indiana. Or maybe playing games!

Yes, nothing to do with the Caps once again! Since I wasn't able to hear or see the game I didn't come up with much. Here are some notes & questions:
  • Why did the goalie change take place, and did it accomplish what it set out to do?
  • When Kn00bs was on the break pre-penalty shot was there a loud "bing" in the arena or does that only happen in NHL '94
  • I noticed in the scoring stats that it tells you Wrist, Slap, Snap. Is this a cumulative stat or just for single game purposes for fans?
  • Am I wrong or did the fact that Vokoun had to stay in the Trapezoid lead to a goal for the Canucks. Did the Trapezoid actually strike!?


Dustin said...

No I do not think the NHL keeps track of shot types. It's just to give fans a more visual experience of a very boring gamecast.

galaxysong9 said...

You switch goalies if one has been playing really abysmally, partly in hopes of stopping the bleeding and partly to not totally mindfuck them and screw their confidence. Leaving a goalie in when they are getting destroyed is a statement to the goalie that you hate them. Happened to Patrick Roy on the Habs, he was fighting with his coach and management, and they left him in until he let 9 goals in. That was his last game for the Habs.

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