What Exactly Is A Canuck & What's The Deal With Fin?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remember earlier this year when some hockey team in Canada lost some game and the city rioted. That team was the Vancouver Canucks, and the game they lost was game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Can you imagine if Capitals fans did this when the Caps were disappointingly eliminated from they playoffs. We'd have to riot on the streets of DC every year! (Low Blow)

I may have known those facts at the time, but I totally forgot. My mind had replaced that fact with a false vision of the fans of Vancouver rioting because they really missed Big Country Reeves and the Grizzlies. Well the riots are over, and hockey continues.

The Capitals play the Canucks tonight and I am going to guess what a Canuck is before I Google it. Here are my top 5 guesses:
  • A Canadian song bird
  • A Canadian fisherman
  • Another kind of Canadian laborer
  • Some kind of Moose
  • Some insane made up word like Hoyas or Habs
I know. I'll look at the logo. That will give me some clues! Ahhhhh, a Canuck must be a Killer Whale or some other kind of mean sea creature! Mystery solved!

Well, shucks. I was wrong. Google is telling me that despite the whale/shark logo, a Canuck is actually just a slang term for a Canadian. I was kind of close with a few guesses. From a literal standpoint the Vancouver Canucks are just a slang term for the Montreal Canadians. Check. Lesson learned.

Note: I'm sorry Vancouver, but Fin, I'm not so sure about that guy. From The Canuck's web site:

Now that we all know about Canucks and Fin, we can concentrate on the game tonight. Here are some pre-game thoughts/facts/whatever:
  • Another game for Vokoun. That will make 8 in a row.
  • 10pm start time...DAGGER
  • Green didn't practice yesterday, may not play again.
  • It's Halloween party night, are people watching this game?

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BE Canucks said...

You'll be happy to know that you're read by a Canucks fan.
I laughed so hard at your Canuck in the wild, thank you and keep up the good read!

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