Boudreau Thankful For A Win

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Caps defeated the Jets 4-3 in overtime at Verizon Center on Wednesday night by way of Mark Chmura Jason Chimera's 2nd goal of the contest. The Caps picked up their 2nd win in a row, both at home, to the delight of Bruce Boudreau who did a double fist pump after the Caps pulled off the win.

Alex Semin came on strong two days after his benching and scored a goal off of a nice Ovi pass to start the game in the first period. The teams traded goals for the rest of the game before Chimera finished off the Jets on a great move and pass by Wideman. The best player on the Caps so far, Nick Backstrom, put in the other Caps goal and the rookie D-O picked up his first NHL assist.

The Caps actually looked like the better team for the first time in a while. They are going to have to continue to score a lot because they are giving up a lot of goals.

Notes & Questions:
  • Is that VW logo always painted on the ice?
  • The Jets coach looks like a combination of Jeff Goldblum, John Cusack, and Eugene Levy
  • I love when they show Bruce after an opposing goal. He is just cursing away.
  • What is a "blue liner" is that a defender? Why are they called that, there is a blue line on the offensive end too.
  • How many pucks are there? I know baseball has so many, football has a bunch, and basketball basically has 1.
  • Does Ovi wear a fanny pack?
  • Did I hear a "Refs You Suck" chant?


Daniel Wagner said...

Oddly enough, a defender is called a blue liner because in the offensive zone they generally stay at the blue line. So they're named that for the offensive end rather than the defensive end.

Anonymous said...

A hockey game actually uses a lot of pucks. Occasionally it's to replace a puck lost when it flies out of play or if a player grabs the puck as a memento (to save for milestone stats) but also, as a puck glides across the ice, it warms up the rubber which causes the puck to bounce much more making it hard to handle. It is switched out for a frozen puck.

I don't know exactly how many they have per game but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple dozen frozen pucks stashed away for a game.

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