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DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Washington Capitals looked like a bunch of Gorrila Juiceheads but lost to the the DTF (Down To Fail) New Jersey Grenades in the blowshootout by a score of 3-2. Worst Day Of My Life!!!! The Lets Go Caps gernade horn was in full effect at the frozen Shore, the crowd caught tons of free shirts during T-shirt time, and there was plenty of GTL (Goals, Tip-ins, and Line Changes)

The Caps smushed the net 2 times in regulation, making Devils goalie Hedberg look like a sloppopotamus. Ovechkin was going crazy lots of blasts in the glass. Alex Semin also gained a new nickname. he will now be referred to as "The Honey Badger" because Sasha clearly doesn't give a s'. After Ovi scored I thought I'd be fist pumping all night...but it wasn't so...

Meet The Cast: We've got Team Meatpuck, Brookie & Greena. We've got MVP, Michal "The Stickuation", Goalie V, and the nice guy Matty P. And what a trainwreck, the relationship between Rommy & Schultzy Sweetheart.

Game Notes & Questions:
  • People were talking about Hendricks and a hoody. What was the deal with that?
  • Is it super hard to fill in on defense in the NHL? (Brooks)
  • For the 2nd day in a row, the Devils Andy Greene is still not related to Mike Green. No seriously...NO RELATION!
  • Why are there pictures of Semin's family all over the penalty box?
  • That Papa John's deal would have been nice, too bad (Caps50)
  • The announcer says "slither" a lot...Honey Badger eats things that slither...

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ATP said...

Re: the hoodie...

The Caps highly conceptual opening video played at games this season features an unknown character in a hoodie constructing a creepy serial killer wall of Caps paraphernalia. This is intercut with shots of the team looking blank (scary? Fierce? Badass?) standing on the ice.

I don't know for certain, but it seems, for games since the opener, the hooded figure is now revealed at the end of the video. It's probably usually a guy who had a great game before (similar to the hard hat), but in this case, was clearly congrats to Hendy for the twins.

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