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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I just got around to watching a movie from a few years ago that was nominated for best picture. It stars Nsync and Zombieland guy and is called "The Social Network". That movie pointed me towards a cool website online. It is called Facebook, and it allows you to find old friends and comment on pictures of their babies, or on pictures of them blackout drunk. It's kind of neat, you should check it out.

And now there is even more incentive to visit. Caps Basketball is now on Facebook! You should "like" us. Even if you only "like" us and don't "like, like" us you should "like" us. You can Like Us by clicking below.

The Facebook page will not be like Twitter where I discuss all DC sports along with wrestling, jersey shore, and boring rants about my life. It will be separate Caps only content, in a place where most of you spend more time than at your own homes. So like us and stuff...

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