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DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, November 3, 2011

There are a lot of great hurricanes. The rum drink that you puke up at Krystal on Bourbon Street at 4am. The 40's that you duct tape to you hands during Edward Fortyhands. The Bob Dylan song about the boxer and the movie with Denzel. The guys from The U who got free cash & hookers because they played football. This sweet ass jeep. Hurricane Chris, Ay Bay Bay! And the baller ass mo'fo in this video.

There are also a lot of bad hurricanes too. Katrina. Andrew. Clinton Portis. The wrestler pictured below. And of course. The Carolina Hurricanes.

Fine. I'm kidding. The Carolina Hurricanes aren't bad. They have 1 more Stanley Cup than the Capitals and have been around for half the time. In NHL '94 they were called the Hartford Whalers, and were a team that nobody in the entire world ever played as. In 2009 the Caps would have beat the Hurricanes and then won the Stanley Cup....if they didn't lose to Pittsburgh first...sad.

When I was down in Chapel Hill last weekend (In the eye of the Hurricanes...XXX) I saw 0 Hurricanes gear (although someone did ask me if the 'Canes won last night) I saw 10 different people rocking Charlotte Hornets gear. (The greatest team in NBA history). Wow, I kinda wish I knew something, ANYTHING, about actual Hockey.

Game Notes:
  • The Hurricanes have a Chuk. Zach Boychuk. That's not a good sign. In NHL '94 Chuks scored goals all the time.
  • I figured out who hates Mike Green. Its those Caps fans who are the Redskins fans that smash beer bottles on the ground at FedEx and try to fight people after a loss. Oh and he probably won't play.
  • Do they play a lot of Petey Pablo at Hurricanes games? Come on & Raise Up!
  • This is the first repeat of the season, the Caps won the season opener in OT.
  • Neuvy Neuve will be in goal for the Caps

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