Devils Get Zach Braffed In The Garden State

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Washington Capitals defeated the New Jersey Devils 3-1 in Newark on Friday night in a game that had more icing than cakes (8). Once again the Caps gave up the first goal but then scored 3 unanswered. The Devils gave up both even strength and shorthanded goals, and probably would have shut out the Caps if they had a man in the penalty box the whole game.

My pregame was flipped as Kovalchuk didn't play and Mike Green came back...but Greenzo promptly left the game again. Ovi doesn't like to score at Verizon so he put one in against the Devils in NJ. Later Chimera put in a nice shorthander and Marjo finished the Devils up in the 3rd, no relation.

The main substory aside from Green's injury in the game was Alex Semin. After 2 O-Zone penalties in the previous game he picked up one more in Jersey and was promptly put on the bench to watch the rest of the game. Eakin also didn't play in the 3rd period.

Notes & Questions:
  • The game coverage opened by showing Ovi with a Flamethrower. What was he doing trying to make a flaming hockey stick?
  • Martin Brodeur is the Devils goalie? Is that Martin Brodeur Jr? It can't be the guy who was the goalie when I was a kid in New Jersey.
  • No icing when shorthanded right?
  • The TV coverage needs to show more replays of big hits. Maybe do a split screen or a picture in picture or something.
  • Did the announcer say a player was the highest ranked European by "Central Scouting Girl"
  • Why did the announcer call Bruce Boudreau 'Gabby'?
  • If I saucer the biscuit out of the logjam with my twig, what the hell am I doing!?


mlahk7 said...

1. it wouldnt surprise me haha
2. Brodeur has been with the devils for 19 seasons. so yeah, same guy. he's like 40 now
3. right
4. i agree
5. lol
6. "gabby" is his nickname because he likes to talk alot
7. a "saucer pass" is a type of pass where the player flicks the puck into the air across the rink. a "logjam" is when a bunch of players are at the boards digging for the puck. "twig" is slang for a hockey stick, and the biscuit is slang for the puck

just for fun:

Daniel Wagner said...

Hockey players blowtorch their sticks for different reasons. If it's a wood stick, it allows the player to curve the blade, but very few players use wooden sticks these days. For players with composite sticks, it's usually to make the tape on their stick a bit tackier for better puck control.

A saucer pass is when the puck is passed through the air a little bit above the ice rather than along the ice. Kind of like a flying saucer.

galaxysong9 said...

When Ovie scored 50 goals two or three years ago, he dropped his stick on the ground and pretended it was too hot to touch.
Don Cherry complained that Ovie was too flashy and exuberant in his celebrations so he was purposely a little flamboyant about it. Later in an interview he said "Oh yeah, Don Cherry's gonna be pissed." So it could've been a reference to that.

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