I Made It A Whole Month! CRAZY!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, November 10, 2011

I started this blog with no intention to stick it out throughout the season. It was supposed to be a novelty idea, where the joke was all in the premise of the blog. I wasn't expecting to write a lot of content. But some people started reading it and I decided that I would give hockey a try for real.

Well that was 30 days ago and I've been posting like 3.5 times a day, reading other articles daily, and watching every game. I have become...a Caps fan...The NBA has been helpful as the lockout is still going on. However I kind of hope the lockout doesn't end so I don't have to watch the Wizards play. Did I really just type that?

I've learned a lot about hockey and the Caps thanks to a lot of people answering my postgame questions. Almost every one was answered but I have two questions left.

Remaining Questions For The Month:
  • When is the proper time to fight. Often the refs get in between to stop the fight before it starts. When do they let the players fight?
  • What time do the TV timeouts take place?
Well here's to hoping I can make it at least another month! And hoping I can survive in the NHL when the NBA returns. I don't foresee any problems.


Dustin said...

from the great Wikipedia: NHL: during stoppages of play, at the discretion of the TV timeout coordinator and typically after passing the following marks of each period (Less than 14:00, Less than 10:00 and Less than 6:00 minutes) in each period. One of the linesmen wears a pager that alerts him when a TV timeout should be taken. TV timeout do not take place while a team is shorthanded due to penalties, it would then occur after the first whistle following the team's return to full strength, they do on occasion take place prior to the power play beginning. Timeouts also do not occur immediately after a goal or after an Icing infraction.[2] TV timeouts are rarely, if ever, taken during overtime.

Chris Ford said...

14, 10, 6 got it

Anonymous said...

As for your first question, when to fight and why they let some fights go while others they grab a bag of popcorn and watch like the rest of us? Fighting in the game of hockey has many facets.
Most common fights are for policing purposes. Got a guy (insert infraction here) on one of your money players behind the play? Smack a goalie on a covered puck? You betcha someone is going to have a knuckle convo with your chitlets. These fights (scrums) usually are short lived but generally lead to 2 heavies being sent out to negotiate via fisticuffs (ie the term enforcers). Another less frequent time to fight is for momentum. Getting out played? Send out your heavy and have em beat on the other teams heavy for a boost to moral.
The latter is dieing to rule changes but does happen from time to time.

CapsFan722 said...

Also, if you go to one of the home games, there is a red light which turns on at the top of the glass by the penalty boxes which signals a TV timeout. Sometimes you will see them lined up for a face-off for a few seconds before the TV timeout ends because they won't drop the puck until TV is back of course.

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