I Painted My Face...You Painted Your Face?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Mess With The Devil Buddy...We're Number 1 We Beat Anybody...We're The Devils...THE DEVILS...HIIIISSSSSS!

The Washington Capitals are playing a home & home series this weekend against the New Jersey Devils. Jersey on Friday night followed by Verizon on Saturday night.

When I was younger, in my street hockey & NHL '94 days, I lived in New Jersey for 6 years. I never liked the Devils but I may have actually owned a Devils hockey jersey (I guess I was kind of being a Devils advocate). Man that was an oppressed memory.

I also used to live a mile away from the Devils practice facility in West Orange (not sure if they are still there) I remember going to one scrimmage there, the only time I would be in a hockey rink for 10 years. (I guess that was designed for me to remember my hockey filled childhood that I didn't remember existed)

The Caps are coming off of 2 bad losses and the Devils are coming off of 3 straight wins. The Caps are probably going to be going without one of their best players Mike Green, and the Devils are probably getting back one of their best players Ilya Kovalchuk. (Damn, another chuk) The Caps wear Reebok, the Devils wear Prada. (sorry)

I'll save the rest of my M Night Shyamalan Devil jokes for later...

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