The Inspirational Force That Is The Red Rally Balloon

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dawn broke over a giant lake. As the powerful rays of the sun beat down on the earth, creatures unknown to today’s man scurried to the water for a morning drink. Suddenly rocks began to rain down from the sky. As the animals scampered away, human-like figures charged towards them with pointy sharpened sticks.

A few of the creatures were struck by the forceful hunters and chaos erupted across the shore as man and animal battled for their lives. Almost as quickly as it began, the skirmish ended, although there emerged no victor. Instead, both man and beast remained immobile, their previously enraged eyes glossily fixed on an object that was floating across the sky…The fight was over, peace was attained...


By now, you have all heard of the mysterious red balloon that appeared seemingly out of nowhere over the frozen gridiron of the Verizon Center. You have seen the footage, you have followed it on Twitter, you have bought the t-shirt, and you have been hypnotized by its glowing red aura. But where did this modern day monolith come from? How did it arrive in the nation’s capital, and inside a hockey rink no less?

Cynics will tell you that the balloon is a legend concocted by the minds of feeble Washingtonian dreamers. That the balloon in the Verizon Center was simply a party favor left over from a circus that occupied the arena on the previous evening.

These disparagers try to convince their own minds that mystical forces such as superstition, supernatural power, and fate do not exist. They believe the hovering red orb that was magically suspended in the air had no effect on the outcome of the night’s contest. Sadly, these pragmatists will never experience the wonder, excitement, and moment of bliss incited by the uncanny force that springs forth from sport.


The origin of the balloon matters not in the grand scheme of existence. Whether or not the same physical object appeared in the Paleolithic scene described above is irrelevant when examining the true meaning portrayed by the helium infused bit of rubber. The balloon is not in fact a balloon. The balloon is an idea. The balloon is a mind state. The balloon is hockey. The balloon is the Capitals. The balloon is you.

This is the season of the red rally balloon. This is the season of hope. When the Capitals are winning, the balloon will be nearby to inspire & encourage. When the Capitals are trailing, the balloon will be there to ease the pain & inspire hope for the future.

So when you are at Verizon Center and the Caps are down 2 goals, don’t get discouraged. Don’t boo, don’t cry, don’t get upset, and don’t give up. Just look towards the sky, look inside your heart, and cheer as loud as you can.

Look towards the red rally balloon. It will be there…even if you can’t see it…

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