My Journey With Bruce Boudreau

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, November 28, 2011

It seems like only yesterday that Bruce Boudreau came into my life. Maybe it was because of all the memories I have of the former coach, or maybe because I never heard of him til October 8th, 2011. Either way, I feel that the coach and I shared a bond that will never be recreated by 2 people who never met each other in the future of mankind's existence.

I spent the past month and a half getting to know Bruce, by way of the television. Each game he would do classic Boudreau things like stand up wearing a suit looking to the left, stand up wearing a suit looking to the right, and my favorite, a Boudreau goto, stand up wearing a suit looking straight.

Nobody could quite stand still making faces like the ol' hockey coach. Each game I would see him standing there, muttering something to one person or the other. The TV didn't capture the audio, but I know what he was saying. I always knew. That was the relationship we had. We always finished each others sandwiches.

When I woke up this morning and heard the news my body went into a complete shutdown. My mind was in denial and I couldn't utter any words from my mouth. I was totally and utterly crushed.

After the news sunk in I began to panic. Who was going to stand in a suit behind the players? Who was going to turn to the left or right and mutter unhearable words? Who was gonna jump in the air pumping his fists without ever leaving the ground? Who was going to occasionally call a timeout and write down a play on a dry erase board? WHO? WHO DAMNIT!?

I went through all 7 stages in a roller coaster of human emotion. It was so intense and crazy how I felt, but finally, somehow, I managed to pull myself together and man up. I came to terms with the situation, wished Bruce a fond farewell, and said hello to the new coach. And the entire time this was happening, I was forced to play video games...All in all it was a tough 3 minutes, but I'm over it.

For now all I can do is remember the fonder times me and Bruce spent together. That night I got Taco Bell and watched the Caps lose. The night I got Burger King and watched the Caps lose. Even that special night, our one month anniversary, when I sprung for pizza and watched the Caps lose.

Whether he was cleaning carpets or driving around with his giant (empty) cupholder, Bruce was a class act who will never be forgotten. Today is a somber day in Caps nation, believe me I know, I've been here for a month. So goodbye dear Bruce, our friendship ended way too early. I'll see you on the other side...of the buffet line at Golden Corral.


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