A Very Twilighty NHL All-Star Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, November 7, 2011

So the lion fell in love with the lamb...


In 2011, Team Lindstrom defeated Team Staal by the score of 11-10 in the NHL All-Star Game. Did I write that correctly? Team Lindstrom & Team Staal? What is this Twilight? Will next year's headline be Team Edward defeated Team Jacob? What is going on with the NHL? Who is Bella rooting for?!

New Moon:

The All Star game is a fun sports tradition. In baseball, the American League plays the National League. In basketball the Eastern Conference plays the Western Conference. In football the AFC plays the NFC. In hockey the Eastern Conference plays the Western Conference... In Quidditch Ravenclaw plays Gryffindor. All four three sports have a straightforward traditional all star showcase. The NHL went a different direction.


Because the All Star game is meaningless, sports are always trying to find ways to get more viewers to watch the game. Making a whole weekend out of the event with cool sidegames like the Home Run Derby and the Slam Dunk contest help get people interested.

Baseball decided to make a Volturi-like stipulation that says the winner of the all star game must turn into the team with home field advantage in the World Series. The NFL moved their game to the weekend before the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl city to get people excited. The NHL...well...they went all NHLy.

Breaking Dawn:

The NHL tries to go a different route by changing the entire format of the game. They also get married and are pregnant...oh wait that's not right. One year it is East vs West. The next it is Us & Canada vs The World. Then it's a fantasy draft. Sometimes they don't even have an All-Star game! Really?

What gimmick is next? Players who like long walks on the beach vs players that like don't? Vampires vs Werewolves? The suits in the NHL will be flying out to Forks, Washington to spin the wheel soon...

What a stupid lamb...What a sick masochistic lion...

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Fairbs said...

Not sure if you read comments from postings this old, but anyway...
It's Lidstrom (no N). Not a big deal to me, but I do find it funny that even the league got it wrong during the awards ceremony where he got his fifth or sixth Norris and they had a little kid come out with a Lids jersey that had the N in it.

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