Where Do Hockey Games Go When They Are Over?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Missing A Hockey Game:

The Capitals opened the season on a Saturday night in October at home against the Carolina Hurricanes. I had just started the blog days prior and I was excited to start watching hockey and the Caps. Unfortunately, that weekend I was already scheduled to head out to the Mountain State Forest Festival in West Virginia. Since I was at the Forest Festival I was not going to be anywhere near a TV, although I doubt that the 2 bars in town had the NHL package (or a TV for that matter).

I had a great time that weekend playing skeeball, drinking beers, and watching lumberjack contests. I think I even danced with Maiden Sylvia of the Forest. The whole time I made sure not to go online, not to look at a television, and not to talk to anyone that would know anything about a hockey score. (No prob, people only knew the WVU score)

Damn You DVR:

Sadly, when I got home I realized that my DVR was not set to tape the Capitals game, and that my "avoiding people who knew the score" was all for naught. "No worries," I thought to myself. I'll just watch it On Demand or online.

Damn You Cox and/or Comcast:

Usually after missing a Wizards game, Comcast will replay the game late at night. That doesn't seem to be happening this year. At least not for the games I wanted to watch a replay of.

Comcast Sportsnet Washington has an On Demand feature which is listed on their website. One of the things that they claim is on demand for Cox Cable is called "Capitals Replay". That sounds promising. That sounds like it would be a replay of a previous game. Well it doesn't exist.

Caps Redline 1. What extensive on demand coverage...

Stealing Is Bad:

Sites like Justin TV and the likes always have a feed of a game. You should not go to these as it is stealing, and stealing is bad. Because these are live streaming people's TVs, there is no recording and no archiving. So that option is not available. But if it was, I wouldn't do it, because like I said, stealing is bad.

Oh I Can Watch The Game, For The Low Price Of $170:

The cable bill is something like $100 a month. Some of that is internet, but the cable part is proably at least $50. That means I'm already spending $600 a year to be able to watch hockey (& Hoarders).

Well the NHL is here to charge me more money! For only $170 I can watch a replay of all Capitals games online! And great! I only have to wait 48 hours per NHL local team regulations! What a deal!

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

The game was over. The score was final and I, along with all the other Caps fans, knew the score. So why couldn't I watch a replay of the game? Seriously! Am I missing something?

Some Hope-Fullys:

Hopefully you have a fully functional DVR that doesn't reboot every 10 minutes. Hopefully you set your DVR to record the game. Hopefully you tape the next 4 shows after the game in case it goes into overtime. Hopefully your roomate doesn't stop your recording of the game because "Cake Wars" and "Cake Boss" both "NEED" to be recorded. If not, don't expect to watch the game again.

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