Caps Pregame Spot: Fado (AVOID)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Hour Specials:  NONE

If you want to be ripped off before a game go to Fado's.  While the RFD next door was offering $4 drafts of delicious beers that you can't find anywhere else, and other neigboring places have $3 rail drinks, Fado was serving me $5 drafts of Fat Tire which you thought was cool when it was only on the west coast, but isn't quite as cool anymore.  While most places in the area had half price appetizers, Fado had full price food.

I think it is an insult to DC sports fans if you don't offer specials.  We come to Chinatown all the time before games.  You think you are the best restaurant in the city or something?  You are a dirty dark disgusting "Irish Pub".  I get it, that is how you trick people from out of town to come to your bar.  People love Irish pubs.  However for the people who live here, we know.  We know the beer is cheaper everywhere else.  We know 95% of bars offer happy hour pricing, even the higher scale bars.

So when should you go to Fado?  I would say never in protest of this insane idea of not having happy hour.  I guess you could go on a Saturday if you really want to eat gross fish & chips in a dingy dark place.  Go on Monday night, they have fun trivia at like 9pm, order waters.  Just don't go before any weekday sporting event or concert.

I'd post more pictures, but it depresses me just seeing that place again...

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