Caps Pregame Spot: Wok N' Roll

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Monday - Friday, 4pm-8pm

$1 Sushi
[ Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper, Shrimp, Crab, Yellowtail, Mackerel, Eel, Octopus, Squid, Fly Fish Roe, Spicy Tuna, Tofu Skin, Sweet Egg, Avocado]

$2 Bottles
[ Budweiser, Bud Light]

$7.50 Strong Girly Drinks
[ Mai Tai, Zombie, Long Iceland (LOL), Scorpion, Margarita, Woo Woo, Scorpian (LOL) See Pic Below]



Only a few blocks from Verizon Center, WNR, as it is known as by cool people like myself, is the best weekday pregame spot in the area.  Getting $1 Sushi in DC sounds sketchy, but it is delicious. 

The sushi, however, isn't the lone reason to go.  The $2 beers are nice too, but the big girly drinks are strong as hell and will get you amped so you may not need to spend $7 per beer at the game.  (These drinks started at $5 a few years ago)

For those that don't like sushi, Wok also features other Chinese food. 

Wok is a cozy restaurant, not very loud, not very big.  It isn't crazy like many bars in the area and you will have no problem holding a conversation with your table.  Perfect for 2-4 people but they also can fit in groups at their big round tables if you call first.  It starts to fill up by 6pm, especially on Fridays and gamedays so get there early.  If the place is full the wait is usually pretty short, or else you may have to check out another spot. 

The waiters/waitresses don't really speak english and often will leave you looking for service.  Don't get do not have to wait for your specific server.  Just ask any of the wait staff and they will help you right away.

If you are going to the game with a significant other, potential significant other, or future ex-wife, this is the place to ball on a budget.  Sure Chinatown has some nicer & more expensive places, but the cozy enviornment, strong drinks for "her", cheap beers for "him", and inexpensive yet "classy" food (aka sushi) at Wok N' Roll makes for a date night that is not too serious, but also not too casual.  It still will put a deeper hole in your wallet than treating her to $2 PBR at smelly & disgusting Rocket Bar, but with the special you will be spending less than many other asian restaurants in Chinatown.  Plus chicks think sushi is cool...I dunno why, they just do.

And if you like to maximize your money, there are 2 tvs so you can watch the beginning of the game for a little bit with cheap drinks before you walk over to the game...

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