Caps Win, Hats Rain Down From The Sky

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, December 9, 2011

Washington Capitals 4, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

The Washington Capitals (15-13) defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs (15-14) on Friday night at Verizon Center for their 2nd straight victory, a solid 4-2 win.  The highlight of the game came in the final 2 minutes of the game as Dennis Wideman notched his third goal on what may or may not be the first Defender hat trick for the Caps in the last 1 million years (or since 2000).

Dennis Wideman has decided he doesn't want the hat trick, and is bringing it to all of our attention.  I like it!  EARN IT don't TAKE IT!

The Capitals avenged the 7-1 blowout that was handed to them by the Leafs earlier in the year scoring all four of their goals on the Power Play (out of only 6 tries).  Wideman was involved in every goal of the night scoring 2-3 and assisting on 1-2 (pending statistician review)

Vokoun played Ok in goal saving 26 out of 28, but gave up another gift to the Leafs.  On that goal Vokoun seemed to have the puck in his glove but it trickled over his hand and sat motionless on the ice an inch from the goal behind him for the easy punch in  by the Leafs as Tommy did his famous coffin save attempt.  (puts his hand by his sides and just falls flat on his back...Also could be called the turtle stuck on his back save)

Alex Ovechkin had one assist, but he played much better than that with several great shot attempts that just didn't get in the goal.  After the previous game breakthrough, it looked like Ovi didn't take any steps back on Friday night.

Game Notes:
  • I actually think I understand roughing, fighting, majors, minors, and game misconducts.
  • Heard the crease referred to as "the paint" another great thing to keep the basketball fan inside me happy.
  • They had the CEO of Legal Seafoods in the booth which was interesting (was a Bruins fan pretending to be a Caps fan)  Usually guests in the booth is akward, this one was not.  I want lobster.

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For some reason I feel like Vokoun would play better if he was a turtle. Probably would be faster.

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