Ovechkin's "Spear" On Chris Neil

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretend for one second you are a tough NHL player. But you aren't just any tough NHL player, you are a guy who has been in over 100 fights in your career. One day you are skating down the ice in an NHL game and a player on the other team gives you a soft little love tap in the stomach with his stick. It possibly hurts for a second or takes your breath away, but mostly no damage done. Which of the following would you do. Remember: You are a so called "tough guy" for this question.

Would you:

a) Continue skating as if nothing, happened, suck it up, and get your revenge later
b) Look to your left to see if a ref is looking at you and then fall to the ground
c) Fall on the ground writhing in pain like you had been stabbed with a knife
d) Go to the locker room seeking immediate medical attention because you are too injured to sit in the penalty box.
e) Wait til the game is over and then demand "justice"
f) All of the Above except For a)

If it was me, I would probably fall to the ground and cry. But I'm not me. I'm a "tough guy". And because I'm a tough guy, I'm going to go with option A. I mean I don't want people thinking I'm weak.

When I watched the play Live, I saw a little cheap shot by Ovi, and when I saw Neil on the ground I assumed he got the wind knocked out of him by the stick. However when I watched the replay I saw how insane Neil's reaction was. He literally did all of the things in F.

This is freaking hockey. If someone gives you a cheap shot, you throw down your gloves and punch him in the face. You don't act like a baby. You just lost major hockey respect. HOCKEY!

Don't get me wrong I think this was a cheap shot from Ovi, which is also not good. I could easily write a multiple choice question bashing Ovi for getting hit hard and resorting to cheap shots to get revenge instead of legal hits. But I hate people faking things worse than I hate cheap shots...

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