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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Washington Capitals 2 , Buffalo Sabres 4

The Buffalo Sabres came out gunning and defeated the Caps 4-2 in Buffalo on Monday night after 4 first period talleys.  The Caps failed to hand the Sabs their 4th straight loss.

Nine Seconds.  Nine seconds into the game and the tone was set for the night.  Roman HammerBros flicked the puck up and out of the playing area for a 2 minute journey to the box.  The Sabres scored 40 seconds later on the power play to take the 1-0 lead.'

What the hell is this Xfinity On Demand.  The Caps Folder contains the Wiz game and no Caps game!

I like the goalie matchup thing they showed.  They described Neuvy as Hot and Miller as Cold.  However Miller is 8-10 with a 90% save percentage and Neuvy is 5-8 with an 89% save percentage.  That doesn't look so hot to me from either guy.  They said Miller's save percentage was unacceptable.  It is higher than Noovz!

Right on cue as the goalie comparison faded the Sabres scored on the "hot" goaltender and it was 2-0 Sabres just over 3 minutes into the game.

Vokoun replaced Neuvy with 8 and a half left in the first after the Sabres picked up their 3rd goal.  But don't relax yet, the period isn't over.  Donovan McNabb decided to score one more for fun (his 1st career goal), and the Sabs went into the 2nd period leading 4-0.

Lucky for me my friend spoiled the final score AFTER I told her I was DVRing the game.  That means FAST FORWARD!  I don't have to watch this mess!

The Caps Finally got on the board with 20 seconds left in the 3rd period on a Matty P goal, and Ovi scored again halfway through the 3rd, but the Caps never had a chance to recover from the 4 goal beatdown in the first period.

The Caps get the Rangers at home...7:30 start time on Wednesday

  • Oooh a Tripping Major.  Can all penalties be majors?  Ug Tricked again by Locker!!!!  Earlier in the year Locker tricked me into thinking you could decline a power play.
  • Flatter than milk on a plate...what does that mean Joe B
  • How am I going to survive DVRing Caps & Wiz games that conflict without finding the results before watching!

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