Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wides

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, January 14, 2012

Written by Caps West Coast writer FCKendrick:

Looking at just his numbers, its hard to argue that Dennis Wideman is not a deserved NHL all star, among defenseman he sits pretty– 4th in goals, and 5th in points. Just looking at his point production, he is having a very good offensive season and damn sure should be an all-star. No question right? Even Robert Lewis Stevenson could tell you that.

But hold your horses...here is where Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Wides come in to play. As a diehard Caps fan I've watched almost every shift Dennis has taken this season and I don't have to be the first to tell you this fact. On those wonderful days when he is scoring and moving the puck the good Doctor is as valuable and skilled as any defenseman in the league. But every day isn't wonderful, just ask Everclear.

On some nights a strange and eerie transformation takes place. Something supernatural and evil happens to the innocent, hard working, goal scoring Doctor. He ... becomes ... someone else... someTHING else... he becomes... Mr. Wides!!!!! (insert horrifying scream here)

When this hideous & ugly creature shows up he looks like completely lost in his own end. He will put up a minus 3, will be the direct cause of one or two opponent's goals (one of which is usually bouncing off his rear end into the goal), or even a combination of the two. Chilling...

Just like the story, the two versions of Wideman’s game are never seen in the same game (well rarely). Among Caps fans there has been a running joke of good Sasha and bad Sasha– well we seem to have a similar personality with Wideman. All-star or not, by the end of the first power play one can tell weather its a Dr. Jeckyll, or Mr. Wides type of night for #6 in red.

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Fairbs said...

If that's true, it seems like Wideman should mostly sit (ie. be put on third pairing) when he shows his evil side. Same for Semin except it sounds like he does both in the same game more often.

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