More Than A Feeling

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Caps finally won a game after the all star break but they don't have much time to rest as the Bruins come to town as a warm up act to the Super Bowl.  Oh crap, I'm not legally allowed to call it that.  For the Big Game.

Like most people I only watch the game for the commercials.  The Caps game I mean, not the Super Bowl.  An ad with Ferris Buehler has nothing on a kid playing hockey in the mud and messing up the carpet.  The "do you guys know how to post videos to facebook, do you guys know how to post videos to facebook" has nothing on "i'm gonna need a pretty big cupholder".  Oh is that too soon?  Is your family not laughing at that yet.

I guess I should talk about the hockey game.  Let's see.  According to internet research, the Bruins are the defending champions from last year.  I also seem to remember the Caps beating the Bruins a few weeks ago.  Bam, hockey analysis.  Now back to the important stuff.  Who is K. Acorn?  I've been away too long.

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