Biggest Game Of The Year Part 77

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, March 26, 2012

On Tuesday night at Verizon Center the Washington Capitals will face off against the Buffalo Sabres in what could be the game that makes or breaks the Caps for the 2011-12 season.  As it stands tonight, the Sabres and Capitals are tied in the standings with 84 points and 6 games remaining.  A loss for the Caps would be the equivalent of a 4 point swing, and could crush the Caps playoff chances.

With Winnipeg losing again tonight, they basically are out of the picture, and the final two playoff spots will most likely come down to the Sabres and Caps (unless the Sens pull off one of the worst collapses ever).

Last Friday when the Winnipeg Jets came to town it was a similar situation.  The Verizon Center started off as quiet as a mouse and then morphed into a playoff frenzy when the Caps took a 3 goal lead.  Somehow the Caps ended up losing, but getting what turns out to be a key pity point.  The Verizon better be amped the whole night because the Sabres are on a roll.

If Alex Ovechkin plays like he did the last game (notice I'm not saying the last 7 games where he scored 9 goals).  I'm saying last game.  A game where every time you looked up the was on the ice and in the vicinity of the Puck.  Firing shots, charging down the ice, and going all out.  That Ovi is what the Caps need.

Let's Go Caps...

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