NHL Gives Max Fine For Hit That Caps Did Nothing About

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 18, 2012

In the Caps loss to the Jets there was a play where Marjo was hit hard and he was really slow to get up.  There was no penalty on the play and Johansson wobbled back to the bench and woozily went into the locker room.  The hit was made by Mark Stuart and the league fined him the max fine $2,500 for going high on Marjo and smashing his head into the boards, knocking his helmet off.

Why did Green get a 3 game suspension and this guy got 0 games?

Luckily for the Caps, Marcus ended up coming back into the game later, but aside from wanting the NHL to review the hit, they didn't do anything about it on the ice.  The hit happened in the first half of the first period, so the Caps had plenty of time.

Being relatively new to hockey, I'm not sure what the team should have done.  Typically I think fighting is pretty stupid but on bad hits that knock out players it seems like that is what you do in hockey, especially if the refs don't call a penalty.

So did the Caps do nothing because it was an important game with playoff implications and they couldn't afford another penalty in a game where they had six.  Are they planning to wait til Friday at Verizon Center to get the action started?  I think something needs to be done...

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