Toronto Pre-Game Update

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caps won.  Toronto Lost.  Tampa Bay Lost.  Sabres won.

Not a bad little Saturday, and the Caps go into Sunday's game against the Leafs up 2 points on the Jets and Sabres and 1 point behind the Panthers.

Both the Caps and the Panthers play today at 5pm and by 8pm we will know who is leading the Southeast division, and we will be know that GMU made the tournament.

The Caps opponent today have only won 1 game in their past 10.  However it doesn't seem to matter who the Caps play, the records can be thrown out the window for the rest of the year.  The Caps beat some good teams and lose to some bad teams.  Nobody knows which Caps team will show.

Questions for today's game:

  • What penalty will Perrault pick up today?
  • Will yesterday Semin show up?
  • Will Ovechkin decide to play?
  • How much time will Vokoun spend falling down and laying on the ice?
  • If Knuble plays will he finally get a goal after missing on 2 breakaways and 1 empty netter?
  • Will we see the magical Power Play we saw last game?

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