2012 Playoffs...This is What Dreams are Made of

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 15, 2012

This years Playoffs are right out of a cheesy Disney movie. The Caps are actually playing like a potential Cup winning team, the Penguins suck more than I could've ever hoped, the Kitties are beating the Devils! and the Hawks won last night.

The Caps defense is actually present. Is this real life? While their offense is lacking, their back end is surprisingly well accounted for. But, there's always a but, the Caps need to keep the the pressure on even if they have a lead.

Throughout the regular season (and as shown last night) the Caps get a one or two goal lead, then go into a defensive shell and try and stay in their zone to prevent the other team from scoring. You see how well that works out, don't ya?

What the Caps really need to do to stay dominant in this series is to keep pressing the attack, no matter how many goals they have. If they keep driving the net and creating scoring opportunities, those are less opportunities the other team has which equals less shots on goal, thus, less goals. Pretty cool, eh?

The Caps are a solid team with a solid goalie ( Yeah, HOLTBEAST!), sound defense, and good offense. They've just got to stick to their game and this series should be theirs.

Predictions for tomorrow? Pfft, no idea. But, I'm going to assume Hunter's not going to change much, if anything. Maybe (hopefully) Hamrlik/Sarge out for Orlov, but I don't see Knuble for Beagle after Beagle's strong game the yesterday.

A song hearkening to the title that'll get you pumped for the Playoffs! (Hey, I liked this one when I was 8 too! Awesome movie, too)

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