Bruins Bully Caps For Win

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 16, 2012

As I parked in my awesome secret parking spot one block from the arena I saw the following:

It was the Washington Capitals players!  Skating around the city before the game!  What excitement!  Oh wait, it was guys paid by the Caps and not the team, not even fans.  Oh...

The Verizon Center was buzzing, the drinks were flowing and right when the puck dropped every seat in the house was full.  My first NHL playoff game!  The place was ROCKIN!

But as the game went on what at one point was a positive and excited crowd transformed into a negative crowd that was getting mad more than they were cheering.  Even the "Let's Go Caps" chant at one point turned into "Ref's You Suck"

The Bruins were knocking the Caps over every single chance they had.  During each even scrum a Caps player would go flying to the ice.  I'm not sure if the Caps just can't stand up straight or if they are flopping but it makes it look like they are getting beat down.

At one point after the whistle it was 5 Bruins vs 3 Caps.  So where were the other 2 Capitals?  They were on the other side of the ice watching instead of coming to help out their teammates.  It was easy to tell by the most casual fan that the Bruins were more physical.  In the NBA world we call that "Playoff Basketball".  The Caps need to stop complaining and start punching people in the face.

Towards the end of the game the Caps started to fight back, but it wasn't the right time.  They let the Bruins get in their head and a Caps powerplay turned into 4 on 4 after some after the whistle funny business late in the 3rd period.  Plus Nick Backstrom ended up probably being suspended.  Bad decisions.

Aside from the physical game the Caps had plenty of chances to score.  Lots of bad calls by the refs.  A lot of small mistakes, way too many passes, people not shooting, and some post shots kept the Caps to only 3 goals.  On the other end Holtby made some big time saves and also some mistakes that didn't lead to goals, so the game could have gone either way.

The Caps stole one on the road, and the Bruins got it back tonight.  Caps need to win on Thursday night...

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