Caps Fans On PTI

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This was on the What's The Word segment of Pardon The Interruption on Tuesday.  (Listen to the Podcast here)

It was ________ that Caps fans taunted Tim Thomas with President Obama heads?

Tony:  APT
Wilbon:  DUKE-ISH

Tony went for the word "apt" because he said before the Caps fans got in Thomas' head because they didn't score on him before and that game they got 3 goals.  Not very sincere or logical, but whatever.

Wilbon went straight to Duke which made me laugh.  He said that Caps fans were like the Cameron Crazies which makes me as a basketball fan want to puke.  

However the best part of the segment was Tony chiming in the last words:

"Except Duke usually wins..."

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