Caps vs. Bruins...why not?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Caps are starting the first round of the Playoffs tomorrow. Ya know, the ones they're supposed to lose. Heck, weren't even supposed to make! People were saying, it's the Caps, they'll just drop out in the first. Second if they're lucky. Now that we're playing the reigning Cup champs the likely hood of winning is, well, less than me remembering French homework.

People saying the Caps won't win a single game? Why not? They beat Boston in their series during the regular season. I'll have you remember the game when the Caps had no Ovechkin, Green, or Backstrom but they managed a win with a Perreault hat trick.

People saying the Caps aren't going to make it past the second round if they're lucky? Why not? Remember the Habs back in '10? They were 8th seed, barely scrapped in and beat the heavy favorite (that won the Presidents Trophy, in case you forgot) and went to the semi finals!

The Playoffs are as undecided as what the "turkey" actually is on my school's lunch line. If you're in, you could be holding that Silver Cup in June. Or you could be playing golf with the Oilers. Don't count out the China Town hero's just yet, folks. They've still got it in 'em.

"If you get into the Playoffs, anything can happen"-Mark Alsobrook (and probably a zillion others)

Now, a music video to get your adrenaline pumping and ready for the Playoffs! (or just a song I really liked when I was 8...same difference)

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