No Need To Fear, Caps Basketball Is On The Mattias Sjogren Case

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I know why you all come here.  To read in depth hockey analysis that you can't find anywhere else.  My hockey passion, awareness, comprehension, knowledge, and proficiency are just too amazing to ignore.  I mean sure, it took me 3 weeks to realize that Keith Aucoin was on the team, but that was just one mistake.  Other than that I am always breaking news. So...

After a few hours of research and calling my hockey insiders around the globe, I have found out what a Mattias Sjogren is.  It is a person.  Ok, back to the research...

A-Ha! (Take On Me)!!!  It turns out that Mattias Sjogren is a hockey player!

Wowzers!  It turns out that Mattias Sjogren is a hockey player that is going to be on the Caps roster for the playoffs!  This is interesting news indeed!

According to Wiki, I mean Caps Basketball Sweedish corospondant Bjorn Lundgren, Mattias plays the Centre position.  I'm not exactly sure what that is yet.  I have finally mastered center, right wing, left wing, defensemen, goalie.  I haven't gotten to centre yet.  Is that the one who rides on the zamboni?  Or is his job to guard the trapezoid?

An interesting fact about Sjogren is that he is not on the AHL Hershey Bears.  Instead he is on the Swedish Elite team, which is either a team in Sweeden or a group of killer mercenaries who turned rogue after failing to kill Osama Bin Laden.

In the Swedish league he plays for Färjestad Bollklubb ... sorry I accidentaly rested my elbow on my keyboard.  He plays for Färjestad Bollklubb.  This means a lot to me, but I don't want to complicate this story for all you non-hockey insiders, so we will just move on.

OHHHHHHHHH I remember this guy.  I am a real Caps fan.  This is the guy who said F You to the Caps in training camp because he wasn't playing enough...Well screw you buddy! Oh crap we need you...nevermind...Welcome...

“He was developing OK, but I guess they got impatient and decided to go home. If you’re going to quit on us you might as well go.” - George McPhee   -missing part of the quote "unless we barely make the playoffs and become desperate, then you can be on an NHL playoff team's roster"

My assumption is that this player will be a practice player and never get on the ice.  But then again I know too much about hockey that maybe I'm wrong...

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