Turnovers Kill Caps, Game 7 To Come

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 22, 2012


Nick Backstrom turned the puck over early in overtime giving the Bruins a clear breakaway and a game 6 overtime victory to send the series back to Boston.  That was the 2nd Caps turnover by a forward (Semin had the first) that led to a goal only seconds later.

Only a little before the Backstrom miscue, the Bruins hit the post on what was only inches away from the game winner.  The Caps skated free on that but they couldn't stop the Seguin goal.


With one minute left in the 2nd period, Chimera skated past Merchand who proceeded to flop one of the worst flops I've ever seen.  He spun more times than a pinwheel in a tornado and he laid on the ground like he was dead.

The refs didn't buy it, and Chimera didn't stop.  He skated down the ice and Backy gave him a great pass to tie the game while Merchand pretended to be hurt.  Merchand then appeared to pull off a scab or cut himself to make it look like the hit made him bleed.  This ain't the WWE buddy.


The Caps once again did not really look like a strong playoff team, although to be fair the Bruins don't look like a playoff team either.  A lot of mistakes by both teams.

The series continues to be a you score, we score pattern and neither team can gain a big advantage.  It is giving me a nervous breakdown.


One of the bright spots for the Caps was the play of Alex Ovechkin in the 3rd period.  He played like he was going to die if he didn't.  I have not seen this all season long.  He went so hard that at one point as he headed to the bench it looked like he couldn't even breathe.  I wish he would give that kind of effort throughout the game instead of saving it.  That effort led to the game tying goal that ended up setting up overtime with 5 minutes left in the game.


We get 3 days to calm down from this one...Game 7 Wednesday in Boston...gonna be tough...

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