Mike Knuble, A Legend

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I apologize for my "editors" brash article about a player he clearly knows less than squat diddly about. I know I haven't been around because finals are next week, but bad mouthing such a well respected and great player is silly business. Now, let's talk about this guy. A legend of sorts.

As we all know, Mike Knuble was signed back in 2009 to a 2 year deal worth $2.8 million and was given a contract extension in April of last year for a one-year contract extension for $2 million. He was not re-signed this off season. Ok, really?!

Caps, it's like you want to piss me off. You don't re-sign Matt Bradley and pick up Joel Ward instead, which wasn't the smartest move, and now, you're getting rid of the only guy on the team who's a lead by example veteran. Guys like Knuble grow don't on trees, ya know! Guess the Caps are going to have to turn to the likes of Hamrlik for their sage advice. Let's see how good that goes.

Really, Knuble was a great player for the Caps up until Dale Hunter took over and decided to bench him in lieu of a less seasoned player. I'm all for rookies getting ice time, but when you're team is in dire straits and you're playing guys like Keith Aucoin instead of seasoned veterans who can really bring something to the game and the locker room, one is going to scratch their head.

Now, after this season I did have my doubts on a Knuble contract extension but I didn't think the Caps were seriously going to let a valuable asset like him walk. And by valuable, I'm talking integral. He didn't have the greatest stats this season, but considering he was benched what seemed like the majority of the season or put on the fourth line (which I also didn't agree with, btw), you can't really blame him.

He was the kind of guy to give rallying speeches when you're down going into the third of game 4 of a series or a third overtime. He provided leadership and experience, which not many people on this young team have. He's actually won a Cup, people. Not to mention he's played over 1,000 games.

Not re-signing Knuble was a mistake, he provided a strong leadership back bone for the team and was an anchor for the less experienced players he played with. His talents, leadership, and strength will be missed in Washington. I wish him the best wherever he goes and hopefully he'll have the luck to be able to hoist the Cup one last time before he retires.

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