D-Camp Day 1: Tom Wilson, New Beast Mode

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 9, 2012

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The Washington D.C. area already has a Beast in the Washington Nationals' Michael Morse.  Well Morse may have some competition in town in a year or so with Beast Mode V2, the Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson.

Not many Caps fans knew much about Tom Wilson before he was drafted out of the Ontario Hockey League.  For most, the first look at Wilson was watching an enormous draftee tower over his accomplices on stage while announcer commentary compared him to an NFL or NBA player.

Those hundred or so fans who came out to Kettler Iceplex on Monday for the Washington Capitals first day of Development Camp now know something else.  Tom Wilson is a beast.

Wilson stood out among the 20+ other participants in Monday's intersquad scrimmage and anytime there was a big hit, the number 43 was close by.  With his large stature and unique wide open mouth look that he plays with, Wilson impressed the crowd that watched from the bleachers.

Using his size and toughness to his advantage, Wilson laid out several players on the ice and dominated the puck as smaller defenders bounced off of him like he was a Tecmo Super Bowl running back.  But that wasn't Bo Jackson or Thurman Thomas, that was Tom Wilson.

Wilson's size wasn't the only impressive thing.  His strength with his hands made it hard for defenders to move his stick while he possessed the puck.  He went down the dashers and behind the goal at will while the undersized opposition chased him around like he was Lemuel Gulliver.

Wilson looked like he was physically ready for NHL play, but he still has a lot of work to do.  His competition in Arlington isn't as good as it will be in Hershey (or wherever he lands) and he will still have a lot to prove.  But no matter when or where they see him, Caps fans can take solace in the fact that their team drafted a beast.

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