Future? Check!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 23, 2012

After last Thursday's signing of rookie Tom Wilson, Washington now has both of it's first round picks under contract.  The Capitals can now focus on the present, knowing that the future is on the right track.

Both the 11th pick Filip Forsberg and the 16th pick Tom Wilson are now signed to 3 year entry-level contracts worth $832,000.

After watching them both in training camp, it appears that Forsberg is closer to NHL form.  He is still young and fairly small, but with another year to work on his skills he should develop quickly.  Fellow Swede Nick Backstrom made the jump straight to the NHL and after Filip's contract in Europe is over, he may do the same.

Wilson on the other hand looked a little rougher around the edges in rookie camp.  From a physical standpoint he is ready to go.  The guy is a beast of a man.  6'4" around 200 pounds and a big strong hockey player.  However, he will need to work on his offensive skills if he wants to get on the ice at the wing for the Caps.

The Capitals are hoping that both these players will be around in a few years to make significant impacts on the ice.  Until then, the team knows that they will at least not have to worry about any holdouts, and both guys can focus on playing hockey.

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