Joey Crabb, Strong Character Player

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 2, 2012

Yesterday was the first day of the so touted "free agent frenzy" and the Caps weren't doing much. With the filure for GMGM to pick anyone up at the trade deadline back in Febuary still fresh in our minds, everyone began to panick a little, afraid we wouldn't pick up anyone and the Caps wouldn't have the players they need to be successful.

Those fears werew momentarily set aside as the Caps signed Joey Crabb last night to a 1-year $950,000 contract. Considering he's a career 3rd liner and plays right wing, it looks as though GMGM is trying to add mroe character to the line up.

Crabb was drafted back in 2002 by the Atlanta Thrashers and played a majority of his time for the Wolves. His next stop was Chicago, where he played for a brief time before signing with the Leafs on the first day of free agency, July 1, 2010. Crabb spent most of his time with the Marlies, the AHL affiliates, but he was called up often to add some grit to the Leafs line up.

Crabb definitely is the kind of player the Caps need in their line up, he's a gritty player, who is reminiscant of DJ King, and I think he'll bring something to the table the Caps don't have. He was a good pick up and hopefully his play will be up to par. See ya in October, Crabb.

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