Summer Olympics Hockey Madness, Tape Delays, And A Fool

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, August 6, 2012

Tape Delay, GRRR

In case you were unaware, NBC is running all the major events for the 2012 Summer Olympics on a tape delay.  That means when Michael Phelps wins a gold medal at 7am, NBC puts it on TV at 9pm.

If you have any kind of life, or are any kind of sports fan, over the course of that 14 hours you will most likely hear about any USA win of significance, making watching the event on primetime suck.

You Got Jokes

The only thing worse than running the Olympics on tape delay are the jokes about running the Olympics on tape delay.  In fact, if you don't post a joke about tape delay on Twitter they will suspend your account.


And through all those jokes, as a new hockey fan I was fooled.  The Washington Capitals tweeted something about a show they are airing on the NHL Network.  The tweet basically said, "Watch the show, we promise no Olympic spoilers!"

After reading those words, I immediately threw all logic out the window and took those words as gospel.  I thought "Oh, I didn't know there was hockey this Olympics, but there must be."  Caps Game Ent. was a serious source, and they wouldn't fool around.

Idiot Part II

Today I was sitting in my office thinking, I wonder how the Caps players are doing in the Olympics.  Then I thought...wait, why is hockey in the Summer Olympics! I rushed to my computer.  I was going to write something to talk about the reasons why hockey shouldn't be a summer sport.  I began:

I remember growing up in the United States.  We would count down the days of school til summer when we would be free of our teachers.  We would be able to do our all time favorite summer activity: play hockey on the pond.  Sure there was no ice and the game turned into more of "try not to drown" than hockey, but...

Wait a minute.  There is NO WAY that hockey is in the Summer Olympics.  In fact, I just watched it 2 years ago when it was in the WINTER Olympics!


It was 1 whole week.  1 week after I read the tweet that convinced me that ICE hockey was a SUMMER sport.  It took my mind that long to solve the puzzle.  I never once looked it up, I never once asked anyone else.  I saw one tweet, assumed, threw logic out the window, and believed.

I am a moron...Now I know.  There is no way hockey is a summer sport...but, I better just double check...

Yep.  I actually googled "hockey AND olympics".  Just in case.  I didn't trust my gut enough to not look.  And guess what.  THERE IS MENS HOCKEY!

Vindication! Oh...DUMBASSERY!

Summer Olympics Mens Hockey appeared on Google!  I knew it!  Ha ha Brain, I have defeated you!  What's that brain?  Read on?

Upon further review it appeared that Olympic Hockey was actually Olympic Field Hockey...

And so I hang my head in shame.  Feel free to tweet me and tell me what a moron I am.  The guy who actually thought that hockey was a sport in the Summer Olympics...

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