3 Reasons Why A Shortened Season Could Help The Capitals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Benefits Of A Shortened Season

I.  YOUTH- With an average player age of 26.91, the Capitals will have one of the youngest teams in the league. 13 players under 27 will be returning to this year's team as well. Hamerlik (37) and Poti (35) are the only two outliers on the team over 32 years of age. Youth can work magic in a lockout shortened season by adding speed, agility, less fatigue, and speedy recoveries from minor injuries. A youthful experienced (Oxymoron, I know) team is just what the Caps will have this season.

II. TWO TALENTED GOALIES- Not that having two young and very talented goalies would be a bad thing in an 82 game season, but in a 50 game season it's even more necessary. Holtby (23) and Nuevirth (24) should have no problem alternating games here and there to keep each other at their peak physical condition. This will definitely come into play in a condensed season where teams may be playing more games than they are accustomed to in a shorter period of time.

III.  NO PREPERATION TIME FOR OPPONENTS- With a 50 game schedule and a lockout exterminated preseason the Capitals Southeast opponents will have less time to figure out Adam Oates' style of coaching (see how this could hurt too below).   This will be incredibly beneficial because divisional opponents will be more concerned with their own team troubles rather than spending their time trying to figure out ways to play other teams, especially a team with a brand new head coach.

Written By Caps Contributor Aaron Ebert @AaronEbert22

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