Caps Look To Grease The Lightning

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey Caps!  Welcome back.  Fans would like to sing you a little song...

Why...Hockey Fans are Automatic!

The NHL is back, and the fans are going insane.  They waited a long time for this and Caps fans are particularly excited for their matchup against Tampa Bay.  I heard that there was some sort of 4-0 sweep some time back?  But win lose or draw shootout, it doesn't matter.  Hockey is back, and the fans are going to be's automatic.

The Caps are Systematic!

Another season and another coach for the Washington Capitals.  I know you will be so excited to watch hockey that your senses will be overloaded and you won't know where to look.  But if you can catch your breath and calm down for a minute, try to watch the Adam Oates System at work.  This ain't no dump & chase grinding Dale Hunter stuff, this is faster.  This is why I signed up!

Just be warned.  The players only had about a week to practice together with this new system and they have not mastered it yet.  But you will at least be able to get an idea of what it entails, and while the players may make a few mistakes (or collide into each other at full speed) it should lead to some pretty exciting hockey.

The Bolts are Hydromatic!

Tampa Bay is not starting a 400 year old man in goal like they did last season.  Instead they are starting a guy named Anders.  The goalie is a bit inexperienced only playing in 38 NHL games, but ya know, the Caps goalie has played in less.

The Lightning also have a guy named Steven Stamkos, maybe you've heard of him.  He led the NHL in goals scored with 60 last year.  In the 5 games against the Caps last season he tallied 5 goals.  Keeping him off the scoreboard would be very beneficial to the Capitals.

I'm pretty sure lightning and hydro don't mix so, the Bolts may be in for a shock...

Why...Let's Grease The Lightning!

In a shortened season it is very important to get started quick.  Not necessarily with a win, but learning how to play together as a team with new players and a new system.  That is what I'll be looking for, and a W in the books would just be an added bonus.    Ah who am I kidding, I want to see the Lightning get GREASED!

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