CNN Reporting From Kettler Iceplex

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, January 18, 2013

CNN sent a reporter out to Kettler Iceplex on Friday morning for the final day of Washington Capitals training camp.  The reporter spoke to a bunch of fans about the lockout, about what hockey means to them, and about the Caps.

Awesome Picture Taken And Tweeted By Criag of Puck Buddys

One of the featured interviewees was Doug from Puck Buddies.  (The only reason this entire website exists is because of them, so you need to follow them if you aren't yet) Doug was getting really passionate in his interview as he talked about his love for hockey.  And of course he predicted that the Caps would take home the Cup!

The segment is being pieced together and should air sometime on CNN on Saturday (or so I was told).  Be sure you check it out and see what all the great Caps fans had to say about their favorite sport!

Here's a quick video showing the CNN crew at the home of the Washington Capitals:

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