Hockey Mom Talks Holtby And Neuvirth

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saleena Andrea is the definition of a hockey mom.  Her two kids have been playing hockey since they were old enough to walk and she spends most of her days at the ice rink.  Whether she is driving the kids to practice, screaming from the stands, or helping out her husband the hockey coach, Saleena knows that the most important person at the rink is mom.  All season long she will be giving out rewards to the good, and dishing out punishment to the bad little boys.  One thing is certain Caps players, you better not cross The Hockey Mom!


As a goalie mom myself, I of course have a soft spot for our goalies and always have.  The one with the name closest to my own son Brady’s name gets my vote for “Lockout Winner” because he spent this lockout racking up his 70th pro win, securing his name in the shutout history books, and letting in a paltry average of 2.14 goals.  In a town that ended last season sporting “Team Holtby” shirts to rival Twihards, he’s riding a massive wave of success and goodwill the mere-2-hours back to DC.


Neuvy, on the other hand , will have more to think about during his flight back from Europe.  He spent the lockout posting relatively good, but not earth shattering, numbers with HC Sparta Praha, his old Juniors organization in the Czech league.  And when it comes to the court of public opinion, a gigantic Taylor Swift – vs- Kanye West sized advantage goes to Holtby courtesy of Neuvirth’s remarks backing up Grandpa Hamrlik’s remarks against the Caps.

Were Neuvirth’s remarks probably the victim of a translation decision assigning a negative spin to words with multiple English equivalents?  Most likely.  Will that matter when it comes to whose name adorns the behind-the-net signs the Caps faithful will hold up as a vote in the starting goalie campaign?  Probably not.

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