Troy Brouwer Is Mad Bro! Gets Post-Game Misconduct

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Thursday night's loss to the New Jersey Devils the Caps committed 6 penalties in the 3rd period, 5 of them in 9 minutes of play!  Plus add a 7th (see below).

The fans were angry at the refs chiming in with a very audible "Ref You Suck!" chant brought to the attention of the home viewers by Joe B.

After the game Troy Brouwer stayed on the ice to jaw at the officials before angrily leaving the rink by smashing his stick against the boards.  Brouwer was hit with a 10 minute misconduct penalty for the outburst below.  My lipreading deciphered "F**KING TERRIBLE".

Check out Brouwer's awesome move early in the game after the jump.

First there was Alex Ovechkin with the move and the non-goal.  This time it was Troy Brouwer.  However, Brower's rebound was scored by Matt Perreault!

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