Caps Trade a Guy, Get Other Guys, Fans Are Like WHAT!?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Filip Forsberg has never played a single game as a Washington Capital.  He hasn't even played a game for the Hershey Bears.  However that didn't stop several fans on Twitter from calling for the firing of the Capitals general manager George McPhee after the Caps traded the prospect to the Predators for guy named Erat (not an online store to buy rats) and a minor leaguer.  So what do I think?  Hmmm.

Forsberg NHL career didn't exactly start with a huge bang.  After being ranked as a top 3 international player by experts, the Swede fell all the way to the Caps at the 11th slot of the 2012 NHL Draft.  It was at that draft that Pierre McGuire lauded the pick ("The caps have had success drafting Swedish players")...yeah, that is how his Caps career started.  Falling, & Bald Dude.

According to several of my hockey sources, Forsberg was still a year or more from being NHL ready.  I saw him play at D-Camp.  He looked...not like Bryce Harper, let's just say that.  Apparently he has "potential".  I know some other guys who had potential; Andray Blatche anyone?

So what am I saying?  That I like this trade?  No. I'm not saying if I like it or not.  I don't even really know what happened!

I'm saying that a lot of people are getting extremely upset about swapping a guy who had 10 guys drafted before him (that they have rarely seen play), for a veteran with some point scoring experience.

One of the reasons to draft players is not just to bring them up through your system, but to use them to acquire players that will help the team (yeah I know, Ted claims he will always build from within, and that is I think what is scaring people).

Erat seems like he can help a hot team.  And from my hockey experience, a hot team going into the playoffs is a scary team.  Throw the record out the window.  (oh...this thinking does require they MAKE the playoffs)

Yes with a playoff team, even one that loses, Ted's vow of "10-15 years of playoffs" comes true.  Ted makes a lot of extra money.  Ted gets to use the fact that they got into the playoffs as a point to explain how amazing the team is in terrible blog posts.  I'm just hoping that him and McPhee aren't just thinking of a "win-now" thing, and are thinking a few years in advance.

Let's not forget that Ribeiro could be lost for nothing, like Semin was, because both seasons the team didn't trade the guys hoping for playoff success.  NOTHING IN RETURN!  (The Caps have time to re-sign Ribz...for more years than he is worth)

Forsberg could be Wayne Gretzky in 5 years...but I also could get a girlfriend...Instead I'm content with the team going for something that will me not having a girlfriend...

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