Impromptu Go-Go Dance Party Breaks Out On F Street After Caps Defeat Rangers

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, May 11, 2013

On Friday night at Verizon Center, after the Washington Capitals defeated the New York Rangers with an exciting overtime goal, a big thunderstorm broke out just as the huge crowd was exiting the Verizon Center.  That didn't stop the over-excited crowd from expressing their joy after witnessing an amazing and important victory.

A large group of fans gathered around a street performing band and a huge dance party broke out.  While many people (and the band) were packed under a small corner overhang, several were just dancing in the rain, soaking wet.  It was fun and a really cool scene.

At one point a father puts his tiny daughter on his shoulders and the crowd begins to dance with them as the little girl bounces like crazy as she holds up a "World's Biggest Caps Fan" sign.  You can see what you missed in the video below.

 It was around 11:30pm and the band tried to leave but the crowd wouldn't let them.  They unpacked their instruments for one last song.  It was awesome.  When it was over the trombone player ran around high-fiving everyone and people chanted "Let's Go Caps!" as the crowd dispersed.

Fans didn't want to go home, they wanted to soak in the victory all night long, both figuratively and literally.

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