Attention NHL 94 Fans, Things Have Changed!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, October 13, 2011

When I was younger, around the early nineties, the biggest video game in town was the EA Sports NHL 94'. I not only owned NHL 94 for Super Nintendo, but also for Sega Genesis. I don't know why I had the game for both, but I assume it was because the game was so awesome.

Soon after I moved to a new place where Madden was king. One day I went down to the greatest store in the history of the world, Funcoland, and traded in NHL 94, for Madden. It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. But life continued...

Years later when I was a "grown-up" with a job and income I did not spend my money on the latest and greatest hockey games with updated rosters. Instead I went back to Funcoland which had since become GameStop and picked up a used Super Nintendo and NHL 94' again. Right at this very moment the Super Nintendo is sitting under the 60 inch TV with NHL 94' plugged in and ready to go.

However, after avoiding real hockey for years, and emerging from my 1994 hockey coma, I noticed a few things have changed. And you are not gonna believe this...

I have been doing some research and I have learned a few things that are important for hockey fans to understand. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS CRAZY but I researched, fact checked, then re-fact checked:
  • The All Star game is no longer Wales vs Campbell, It is now a player draft WTF
  • The Mighty Ducks are no longer Mighty
  • The Winnipeg Jets are now The Winnipeg Jets but aren't The Winnipeg Jets...
  • The following teams no longer exist: Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques
  • The following cities have hockey teams, and they play on ice...the cold stuff? Georgia, Phoenix, North Carolina, and Tennessee!?
  • There are teams called the Bluejackets and the Avalanche...
  • The Capitals have changed colors
  • Double blue line passes are now legal!


Pumpkinhead said...

You forgot about the outdoor game as well. It's always interesting to see the snow coming down during a game and guys running out with shovels at stoppages to clean off the ice.

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