Caps Lessons For n00bz: Unleash The Fury

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Being a new Caps fan shifted here by the NBA Lockout, I have little to no knowledge about anything that has happened in the world of the Washington Capitals. Never watching on TV, never attending games, never reading about them in the paper. These Caps lessons will be about things that I see that I didn't know existed. If you already are a Caps fan you probably know, but maybe you can still learn something.

As a Caps bystander I always heard people talking about Tom Green and the Washington Capitals. I never thought too much about it, assuming maybe he was at a game or something. However, when I attended my first game this season, I found out what it was all about.

It is the inspirational movie they play at a clutch moment during the 3rd period. I may have even seen it on TV during the playoffs, but it never resonated in my mind until I experienced it live after I attended my first game this season. This video basically explains it how it happened.

Very interesting, and very cool in real life. The video (below) goes on the jumbotron and the fans go crazy and the building starts to shake. Many teams play clips from Any Given Sunday, Miracle, Hoosiers, and even Animal House to get the fans to get up and get excited. The Caps have combined a lot of these clips with their own non-movie Tom Green segment. Check it out.

You Caps fans may not even know the origins of this, which was a scene from Road Trip, which you can watch below. I believe they used to play that clip in the montage, but when Tom Green came to town they got him to do it in a Caps jersey since it was the most popular clip.

Movies in the Unleash The Fury Video: Network, Rudy, Miracle, Varsity Blues, A Rocky Movie, Slap Shot, Hoosiers, and Animal House


Robin said...

Yes, the original "Unleash the Fury" video montage featured the clip from Road Trip. It made it's premiere at the VC during the 07-08 season. I believe we've now had a full season of Tom Green unleashing fury in a Caps jersey.

Dustin said...

It sure isn't as lame as Detroit's now traditional "Don't Stop Believin'" - The Tigers kind of stole it from the Red Wings - where the fans started the tradition of just singing along to every song during the playoffs even after it stopped playing. They would of course scream "SOUTH DETROIT", and the DJ learned to turn the music down at that point.

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