Czech Hockey Part III - Jagr

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No games today or yesterday so slow day, time for a story. So I went to the Czech Republic for a few days as a requirement of my MBA program. (Hire me?) It just happened to be during one of the biggest games in Czech sports history. It was the 2010 World Hockey Championships. They were playing the heavily favored Russia who had players like Ovetchkin and Varlamov and were supposed to beat CZ easy. So this is the part 3 of the recap I wrote a few years ago...i purposely kept in the negative Caps stuff so u can see my transformation

The painful sound of my alarm woke me up and I realized that the first day of business stuff was about to begin. There were two business meetings on the agenda for the day, but that's not what you want to hear about right? Well here is a recap.

Visit 1: Some company: "blah blah blah"
Visit 2: Some other company: "blah blah blah"

Somewhere in between the blahs was a cool Czech lunch at an awesome looking restaurant. And of course beer! The beer loosened everyone up a bit, and one guy asked the tour guide if she "comes here often" about the restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Nice work!

We got back to the hotel and everyone went to another Czech restaurant by the hotel. Our party of 20 took up the entire bottom level except for a walled off section which had security outside. That is when Jaromir Jagr walked by...

Being from DC some of us recognized him and we asked the waitress. She pointed beyond the blocked off area where then entire Czech Hockey team from the night before including Jagr & Vokoun were celebrating with the world championship trophy! (Also some famous Czech tennis chick that I never heard of but was hoooooot...I don't think you heard me. I think you think I said she was hot. I did not say that. I said she was Hoooooot. I think this pic is her...$$$)

One obsessed fan from our group kept trying to sneak past the barrier, and just waited staring at Jagr. Jagr told the waitress he would come out to meet us soon, and when obsessed fan went to the bathroom, we took a picture of Jagr from the placemat at the restaurant, and told him that he missed him. (tricking a guy fail!)

Side note on Jagr: This guy played on the Washington Capitals, was paid millions of dollars and sucked. If he was on the streets at home, nobody would recognize him and they would boo him... (Is this true, I wrote this 2 years ago)

Eventually Jagr comes out limping and probably on beer 10. He talks a bit, takes some photos, and goes back to his private area. Wow exciting!

Soon the bill came and it was $10,000. Holy F! What the H! MFER! Oh wait it wasn't dollars, it was crowns. But still, that is $500! After a 20 minute money collecting banking operation, and several people chipping in way too much, we finally had enough money to pay and we all headed out to the street.

Outside Jagr was talking on his cell phone, and where only 1 night before the entire city of Prague was marching in his honor just 30 feet away, nobody walking by even recognized him.

The rest of the evening I wandered the streets avoiding drug dealers, and ended up trying to get a good night of sleep...

Yes there is no climax or twist, the story is over...

The End...Hope you enjoyed...Feel free to read more non hockey at the Trip Blog...

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